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• Channel 2 • Wisconsin, New York, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas

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• Nightlight is a station that aired continuous (looped) DTV Transition information beginning on June 12, 2009 (except for emergency and severe weather alerts). Although Nightlights were allowed to operate until July 12, only a small number remained on the air until that date. Nightlights used various types of local IDs.
• Transition Highlight photographs display local DTV Transition information that was broadcast on or prior to June 12, 2009. This includes a variety of on-air Transition-related material. These stations left the air or switched to Nightlighting by midnight on June 12.
The Final Days of Analog TV in the USA

Transition Highlight
WBAY-2 Green Bay, WI via E-skip
June 12, 2009
WBAY-2 on Transition Day

This was in a local news segment on "Good Morning, America." The time in the lower right corner is 8:57.

Screen reads:
10:00 am

WBAY-2's signal is suffering from strong Co-Channel Interference (CCI). The offender is a CBC station, which is probably CKPR-2 Thunder Bay.

Note that WBAY-2's circle-2 logo is lower left.

WGRZ-2 Buffalo, NY via E-skip
June 2009

This text ID is similar to the kind used by Mexico TV network relayers, and it was upper right continuously.

WFMY-2 Greensboro, NC via E-skip
June and July 2009

WFMY-2's "News 2" logo was displayed continuously in the lower right portion of the screen throughout the DTV information. This photo shows the Spanish NAB program.


WFMY-2's "Get Answers" number below the "News 2" logo is WFMY's main phone number: "336-680-1000."

WUND-2 Edenton / Columbia, NC via E-skip
June and July 2009
The photos here came from five different receptions of WUND-2, none of which had much color at ID time. In spite of Murphy and his Laws of DXing, I managed to make lemonade out of lemons with WUND. B & W is OK with me as long as the picture is clear.
The UNC-TV ID and local "Kip's Tips" were aired between the loops. Kip has written "DTV??" on his board.

These URLs are listed on the "Kip's Tips" segments:

Kip's Tips

Kip's Tips

UNC network ID

July 5, 2009

WPBT-2 Miami, FL via E-skip
July 2009
WPBT-2 was a station that TV DXers loved to hate. For many years, WPBT-2 was a pest for TV DXers from Ontario to Texas. Nevertheless, Miami's two low-band Nightlights used DXer friendly, easy-to-read ID material and were among the easiest Nightlights to ID. Both Miami Nightlights were IDed here numerous times during the final days of analog TV.

This is the end of a short commercial-type video for Comcast which ran between some loops. WPBT-2's ID followed this. A number of Nightlights in addition to WPBT-2 were running Comcast information.

This is below WPBT2:
Miami / Ft. Lauderdale / Palm Beaches
This is part of WPBT-2's locally inserted material. WPBT was one of the few stations that used a Nightlight-specific ID. Note the message on the ID.

Although WPBT did not display continuous ID material, the big calls and "2" logo made this a DXer-friendly ID.

Nightlight (with weather alert)
KDKA-2 Pittsburgh, PA via E-skip
June 17, 2009

No local IDs were seen here during KDKA-2's Nightlight programming. (WTAE-4 Pittsburgh, on the other hand, had a small text ID across the bottom of the screen continuously.) I thought it was shameful that the analog TV service would end without those famous call letters having been displayed for days. Unfortunately, people in the Pittsburgh area had to endure storms in order for the KDKA calls to return to the air on the night of June 17th during storm warnings.

KDKA-2 was running a Transition message crawl on June 12, prior to the switch to Nightlighting.

WJBK-2 Detroit, MI via E-skip
June 2009

This is near the end of the loop.
The NAB's DTV Transition Tips

This is near the end of the loop.

This big ID was displayed between loops.

This is the beginning of the loop.

This is the beginning of the loop.

WJBK-2 put their ID bug upper right part of the time during the loop.

A nice, stable signal was received at just the right time. Murphy's Laws of DXing did not apply to this reception.

KPRC-2 Houston, TX via Tropo
June 2009

The "LOCAL 2 KPRC" logo was lower right continuously, while a crawl was at the top.

The crawl looks odd due to the camera settings; my focus here is the "Local 2" logo.
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