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• Channel 5 #1 • Michigan, Massachusetts, Ohio, Nevada, Oklahoma, District of Columbia

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• Nightlight is a station that aired continuous (looped) DTV Transition information beginning on June 12, 2009 (except for emergency and severe weather alerts). Although Nightlights were allowed to operate until July 12, only a small number remained on the air until that date. Nightlights used various types of local IDs.
• Transition Highlight photographs display local DTV Transition information that was broadcast on or prior to June 12, 2009. This includes a variety of on-air Transition-related material. These stations left the air or switched to Nightlighting by midnight on June 12.
The Final Days of Analog TV in the USA

Transition Highlight
WNEM-5 Bay City, MI via E-skip
June 12, 2009

WNEM-5's ID slide is one of the best Transition Highlights received here.

WNEM-5 was running this DTV Transition-related message screen continuously on the morning of June 12, 2009.

WCVB-5 Boston, MA via E-skip at 1,409 Miles
July 7, 2009
WCVB-5 had their own local program entitled Digital Truth, which was hosted by WCVB-5 newscaster Susan Wornick. See the WCVB-5 Website

This was actually the most interesting of the Nightlights logged here. If they had displayed that famous "5" logo continuously, this would have been my favorite Nightlight overall.

At 1,409 miles, WCVB-5 was my most-distant Nightlight.

Susan Wornick

Digital Truth

Digital Truth

WCVB-5 Chief Engineer Rick Zach
Note "Boston" is upper right.

WCVB-5 coverage area map

WCVB "5" logo is upper left.
"Things to Remember About the Digital Switch."

WCVB "5" logo is upper right.
NAB programmming

Moving on to Spanish.

WLWT-5 Cincinnati, OH via E-skip
July 7, 2009
The crawl at the top is in Spanish.

WLWT-5's logo and ID are lower right. They were not there full-time.

WLWT-5's Nightlight presentation was more unique than most.

DX Notebook


You might want to call this the ugly side of TV DXing...

Murphy and his Laws of DXing did a bang-up job on this one: While the signal was good at times during the national DTV program, it was very poor during the locally inserted content. The telephone number on the screen is indeed KVVU-5's number ("FOX5 702 435-5555"), but is so difficult to read that I debated whether these pictures of KVVU-5 are worthy of inclusion on this page. On the other hand, the marginal-quality photos of KVVU-5 newscasters John Huck and Olivia Fierro do match pictures on KVVU-5's Website. The inclusion of these pictures is based on the fact that this is a TV DX site, and TV DX does not always look pretty.

KVVU-5 Henderson (Las Vegas), NV via E-skip
June 26, 2009

Mike DiSerio hosting a NAB DTV tips program

A strong signal and no local ID material...

KVVU-5 newscaster John Huck

702 435-5555

702 435-5555

KVVU-5 newscasters John Huck and Olivia Fierro

The bar through the face in this photo is a problem with my recording.

KVVU-5 newscasters John Huck and Olivia Fierro
The pictures above are from 2009, while the pictures to the left are from 2012.

KOCO-5 Oklahoma City, OK via Tropo
June 14, 2009

This is part of locally inserted material. "Place close to window facing northeast Oklahoma City"

The small text ID was upper left continuously. KOCO-5 has a correct ID; DT is not listed as a suffix.

TV • DTV DX EXPO is a DX site and does not endorse any programming which is displayed on these pages. Nor does this site condemn broadcasters for program content.

A couple of seconds of black screen was recorded between the loops.

Transition Highlight & Nightlight
WTTG-5 Washington, DC via E-skip
Nightlight WTTG-5
July 5, 2009

WTTG-5 was in the process of converting to Nightlight programming on June 12. This photo is from Nightlighting in July.

Note "HD" on the ID. Do you suppose anyone was actually able to receive analog WTTG-TV's Nightlight programming in HD?

This big ID was shown between some loops.
Although this nice signal ruined Murphy's day, it made my day.

See photos of WTTG-5's Transition Day & Nightlighting

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