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TV Stations of Mexico as received in North Louisiana
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At Last!
July 14, 2014

First, I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to receive plenty of TV DX, to have adequate equipment to do DXing, and to have the wisdom to use the equipment for DXing.

Second, let me say that TV DXer extraordinaire Mike Perron in South Louisiana (who has IDed many Mexico TV stations) IDed XHPAH-3 Pachuca, Hidalgo, a couple of times prior to my logging of XHPAH-3. His information was helpful to me.

Details of This Log: E-skip from Mexico was first noted at about 0940. During late-morning, stations from northern Mexico were mixed with stations from Chiapas and Tabasco. By noon, strong skip settled into an area that stretched southward from Tampico to Las Lajas and Puebla and westward to Guadalajara. The MUF was channel 6 at times. Although channel 2 continued to contain multiple signals, XHP-3 Puebla's strong, long-lived signal totally died out by 1330, leaving an empty channel 3. Within minutes, a weak signal with a music video program could be seen. Reception of XHPAH-3 Pachuca, Hidalgo, lasted about fifteen minutes. Toward the end of the XHPAH reception, XHTV-4 Mexico City was fairly strong.

More than ten years had passed since I logged a new state from Mexico.

HIDALGO Geography
Pachuca is the state capital and has the largest population of any city.

MEXICO Geography
States: 31 and Federal District (DF)
Terrain: Many mountainous areas

Hidalgo analog TV logs: 1

Mexico states logged: 29

Mexico states not logged: Morelos and Tlaxcala

Much appreciation to Raymie Humbert for helping me (and other DXers, as well) by providing a large amount of highly useful information about Mexico TV. That information was unknown to DXers in the U.S. until Raymie did the research and reported his findings on WTFDA Forums. Read his reports here.

Pachuca, Hidalgo

miles via Es
Transparent italic "H" upper right
July 14, 2014

Pachuca, Hidalgo

miles via Es
"beat 3.o" is a music video program
July 14, 2014

PHOTO EXPOSITIONS OF TV STATIONS RECEIVED FROM TWENTY-NINE MEXICO STATES (TV stations logged by transmitter location when such information is known. The Televisa TV transmitters that serve Mexico City, DF, are in Estado de Mexico.)
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