TV Stations of
as received in north Louisiana


Capital city: Tuxtla Gutierrez

Other major city: San Cristobal

Stations Logged From Chiapas
Calls Location Miles
XHOLQ-3 Palenque 1033
XHCSA-2 San Cristobal 1086
XHAO-4 San Cristobal 1086
XHDY-5 San Cristobal 1086
XHTAA-2 Tapachula 1214
XHCSA-2 Tuxtla Gutierrez 1083
XHAO-4 Tuxtla Gutierrez 1083
XHDY-6 Tuxtla Gutierrez 1083

Much appreciation to Raymie Humbert for helping me (and other DXers, as well) by providing a large amount of highly useful information about Mexico TV. That information was unknown to DXers in the U.S. until Raymie did the research and reported his findings on WTFDA Forums. Read "Raymie's Mexico Beat" blog here.

Azteca Chiapas

More Chiapas Stations

PHOTO EXPOSITIONS OF TV STATIONS RECEIVED FROM TWENTY-NINE MEXICO STATES (TV stations logged by transmitter location when such information is known. The Televisa TV transmitters that serve Mexico City, DF, are in Estado de Mexico.)
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